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Mid-Atlantic GTG at Frederick, MD. (07/30/2005)

Thanks for making the trip:
thebenzbar (Silver 300TD Euro)
pwogaman (Burgundy 300SD)
boneheaddoctor (W116 300SD)
sodapop6620 (Burgundy 300D Euro)
P.E.Haiges (Blue-Green 300SDL)
rockhopper (Light-Blue 300D)

Also to some friends of John's that came up as well:
Steve (White 300CD)
Tom (Blue 300SDL)
Joey (Light-Blue 300CE)

Last but not least the people that couldn't be there all day but left their cars with John for everyone to enjoy:
Joe (Blue 300TD)
Kevin (Cream 300SDL)
Don (Green 240D)
Tim (Silver 240D 'Frankenbenz')
Samson (Tan 300E)
J.P. (Grey 190E 2.6)
The rest belong to you know who....